Mano de plastico

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Capture hands-free footage with this versatile bite mount, perfect for POV shots in any environment. It clicks into any quick-release mount for fast swapping or storage and includes an easy-to-spot Floaty for added security in water.

  • Easy to use for hands-free POV capture in any environment
  • Includes Floaty, an easy-to-spot accessory that keeps HERO9 Black afloat1
  • Wraparound design of Floaty allows convenient access to the front LCD screen and the back touch screen

TT hand is good

TattooTechniques is focusing on exploration innovation all the time and keeps our product updated; therefore we can provide you safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products.

Tattoo is becoming a part of our life. Tattoo is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of culture. Not only is it a kind of personality, but it has become a trend. Tattoo kit is a good choice for tattoo artist to improve tattoo skills.

TattooTechniques offers varieties of tattoo equipment to meet customers’ different demands

How to clean the tattoo hand?

Practice hand made of natural rubber is different from human skin. Its permeability is not as good as that of real skin.

Different tattoo artists use different methods, so the depth of penetration required for color retention is also different. This tattoo practice skin cannot be cleaned clearly with water. We suggest that you can use Vaseline, which can help you very well.

Of course, it will be difficult to clean the pigment that has penetrated too deep.

Full detailed texture

  • The lines and pores of the hand are clearly visible. Similar to human hand, soft and elastic. Print logo ITATOO. Available in differenct sizes. Left palm Left palm with short arm,
  • Compared with the practice skin, the artificial hand has better simulation. The tattoo effect will be more intuitive.

Full experience

  • Artificial hands can play a good role in simulation and practice in tattoo work, which is a good choice for tattoo beginners.
  • For professional tattoo artists, fake hands are also very useful when designing new patterns.