Practice #1.

Demo video – FREE (Practice)

Introductory video on the practical elements of the course.

This video partially shows the old TT website

This menu point is based on the theory and presents the practical process of a tattoo through 14 patterns with increasingly difficult and different techniques.
In the opened menu points, the patterns that are being created are not uploaded in one video, but in a step by step order, following the structure of the technique, broken down into several parts, with explanations and supplementary figures.

All the videos are uploaded without any acceleration or cutting, in their actual size. Only such parts were cut in which, e.g. my client or I used our phones, had a break or had a discussion, etc.
This is why there is a part, which covers a tattoo that takes 27 hours and 6 occasions. Naturally, to view this is not an easy task and therefore I recommend accelerating the video in the lower time line, or to skip the parts which may seem monotonous or the technique of which is already known.
For each divided part of each tattoo, a text and figured explain the applicable techniques the paints and the needles used. The description is supplemented with the instructions of the respective theory part.
First, I prepare an absolutely simple, black triangle, in which the use and movement of the machine, the stretching of the skin and the control of homogenous filling can easily observed. Then we go through various techniques in an increasingly difficult order, starting with the black and white scratched pattern to long and complicated colored realistic works that require several occasions.

What is very important through that all those tattoos are on someone. Due to the tattoo ethics and attempts towards a unique character, DO NOT COPY THEM! They are uploaded only for presentation, and for understanding the technique.
Having understood the actions observed on those patterns, you will have to use acquired knowledge on other tattoos, designed from new ideas.

Next lessons

2. Preparing a simple tattoo

In this section, we'll prepare a simple tattoo, showing the motions and techniques that are needed to progress. Text and videos on the preparation of the tattoo, without any speed-ups and editing, including step-by-step instructions and materials.

3. Hatching - 1.

Black-and-white tattooing. Includes text, diagrams and a full video on the process

4. Hatching - 2.

In this section, we can see without speed-ups and editing how a more complex black-and-white design is structured. Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

5. Hatching - 3.

Another black-and-white tattoo. Includes text, diagrams, and a full video on the process