Behind every work of an artist there is a life, a past, experiences, feelings, impulses, a worldview and everything else that formed and shaped the individual together; formed its manifestation and self-expression.

I want to experience the fullness of life with its depths and heights. I am not talking figuratively. I used to dive and I fly now.

The secret is darkness and openness is clarity.

I used to live my life like this. After I tattooed I partied hard and I either got in despair or I was flying with exuberance.

The depth of the water and the height of the air give the sharp contrast. Fly into sky and risk every moment of it, because this is how I experience life.

There was one day when the turbulence closed my wings, and I fell from 30 meters. My bones cut my blood vessels. This was an unfortunate event concerning decompression, so I had to stop diving.

I express my existence in painting and tattooing, everything I am.

I worked and lived in 11 countries. I attended many prestigious conventions and tattoo festivals, like the London Tattoo Convention or Mondial de Tatouage Paris, where the best of the best were representing their artwork.

I won many awards. I want to show my art to as many people as possible. I held and hold seminars worldwide.

I am an extremely hedonist man.  Hedonism gives the rhythm, the colors, the smell, the adrenalin, the danger, the pleasure and sometimes the creative solitude. Women are the spice for all this. Success clears the throat like a decent wine.

I wish to create something permanent, something imperishable. Thus, this gives eternal life, the opportunity to exist forever. The definition of art is inimitable for me. I want to create something different. Better, more beautiful, more detailed, more powerful, and more complex than anyone else.

My drift is hyper-realism. To have more life in my work.

I try to find innovative ways when I am painting, I love trying something unknown. I loved hampered perfection. I experiment, because something huge and permanent can only be born this way. To create perfection and ruin it on purpose.

The ruined perfection that changes everything, like life itself.

I teach my decades of experience, knowledge and attitude on my website ( for those people who want to become someone else and not just one of the many. Someone who wants to fly and experience the real life, get to know its new dimensions. Taste and feel the freedom that can be given from artwork and tattooing. People have applied for the online course from around the world.

If God gave you the capability, I give you the knowledge and after it only depends on you.


This is how I would introduce myself.

I am Csaba Müllner.




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