Here you can find a step by step guide for all the techniques used widely by other artists, or used by me. All lessons contain pictures, videos, and explanations. You should start the path here, especially if you haven't used a tattoo machine before. I work on new materials all the time, so new chapters are coming...

1. Demo video – FREE - Theory

Introductory video on the theoretical material.

2. Tattooing devices

In this chapter, I'll detail the full list of devices and materials needed for tattooing, including text and diagrams.

3. The various types and elements of tattooing machines, including their operation and settings

In this chapter, we'll go over the various types of tattooing machines, as well as understanding what they're good for and learning to adjust their settings. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

4. Needles

The various types of tattooing needles and their characteristics, including the sizes I use and my recommendations. Includes text and diagrams.

5. Grips

The various types of grips, their materials, and tricks. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

6. Paints

The paints I use and recommend, their characteristics and important related information. Includes text and diagrams.

7. Devices and materials of the workspace

All materials above and beyond the tattooing equipment, indispensable for work. Includes text and diagrams.

8. Organizing the workspace

The practical and convenient arrangement of the work space doesn't merely serve our client's and our own comfort, but also allows us to do a better job. Includes text and diagrams.

9. Assembling the machine

The right way to assemble various machines. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

10. Motives

The various motives, styles and ideas used for tattooing. This chapter starts orienting the previously learned knowledge in a creative direction. Includes text and diagrams.

11. Sketching the “pattern”

Tattoos aren't only beautiful when they're perfectly developed, but when they're in harmony with the body as well. Since everyone has a different body, it's important to first sketch a pattern of the body before we start designing the tattoo.

12. Placement of the motifs and the curvature of the body

The orientation, shape and direction of the design are all important factors. All of this is determined by the curvature of the body. Includes text and diagrams.

13. Building up the motifs in practice

Preparing the motifs with examples and the help of patterns and curvatures. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

14. The use of Photoshop and digital pattern design

Basic Photoshop skills for preparing designs for those who aren't familiar with the program. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

15. Methods of applying the motifs on the skin

Various methods of applying the designed patterns on the skin. Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

16. Disinfection and sterilization

This is the most important step of creating a tattoo since even the loveliest designs will come to nothing if we infect our client with some disease. Disinfection is a crucial factor. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

17. What can or cannot be accomplished through tattooing – recovery issues

Important details to know and follow. Includes text and diagrams.

18. Preparing our equipment and workspace for tattooing

Now that we're done with the theory, we'll start getting down to work... Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

19. Postures

How to seat our client, for example, if we're working on a tattoo on their side? Various poses in relation to the surfaces to be tattooed. Includes text and diagrams.

20. Outlining

Outlining techniques, tip and tricks. Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

21. Coloring

The technique of homogenous coloring, tips and tricks. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

22. Hatching - Theory

Hatching techniques, tips and tricks. Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

23. Colour order

In the case of color tattoos, the colors have to be applied in a certain order, which will be reviewed in this theoretical element. Includes text and diagrams.

24. Cover up

A difficult part of tattooing..with tricks and important information. Includes text and diagrams

25. The complete theoretical process of simple tattooing

The basics of tattooing, allowing you to learn how to use the machine for perfect outlining and an even cover up. Not just for beginners...Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

26. The complete theoretical process of black-and-white tattoos

Preparing and building up designs with hatching, tricks and tips. Includes text, diagrams, and videos

27. The complete theoretical process of color tattoos

28. General techniques of tattooing

One of the most important part of the theory in this part as the title also shows- it is about general technics used during the tattoo- for example about color mixing or the structure of the model . text, drawings and videos.

29. Follow-up tasks once a tattoo is completed

What to do once the tattoo is finished.. the first steps of treatment. Includes text, diagrams, and videos.

30. Follow-up tasks in the workspace once a tattoo is completed

Tasks related to disinfection and other important information. Includes text and diagrams.

31. Follow-up tasks for clients once a tattoo is complete

A lovely tattoo is only half based on our knowledge, while the other half relies on the quality of the treatment. Important things to know and inform out clients about. Includes text and diagrams.

32. Photography of the completed tattoos

A few tricks on how to take good pictures of completed tattoos. Includes text and diagrams

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