Theory #1.

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Introductory video on the theoretical material.


This category presents the theoretical technique of a tattoo in 31 chapters, analyzing everything from the equipment to the photos of the complete tattoos.

I explain the general techniques used by me to both beginners and professionals with lots of texts, more than 500 figures and hours of video recordings.

The lessons are linked to each other and follow each other in a logical order.

After the presentation of the equipment and the working area I describe the materials that I use and recommend (e.g., the various needles used for various patterns, the best machines, paints, etc.) followed by the pattern design. It consists of several chapters and describes different methods applied for creating individualized patterns from using an existing pattern though various technical designs, to the application. I describe several methods, from indigo to freehand, and the combination of the two.

It is then followed by few chapters describing the tattoo technique that I use, which present in detail from a simple black pattern to colored realism, including a lot of minute and important tricks and ideas.  

There I analyze in detail, e.g. the 6 important things based on which we build a tattoo, and how to keep or move the machine, how to stretch the skin properly, how deeply should work, depending on the color and the pattern, and the criteria according to which a more complicated realistic is structured, the directions and the logical order to be followed in a particular job, etc.

Apart from the equipment, pattern preparation and tattoo technique, I also cover sterilization, hygiene, positions, handling, photos, etc. 

First you should read all the theory, after which you will be able to understand and practice and once you have mastered the two, you can move on.

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2. Tattooing devices

In this chapter, I'll detail the full list of devices and materials needed for tattooing, including text and diagrams.

3. The various types and elements of tattooing machines, including their operation and settings

In this chapter, we'll go over the various types of tattooing machines, as well as understanding what they're good for and learning to adjust their settings. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

4. Needles

The various types of tattooing needles and their characteristics, including the sizes I use and my recommendations. Includes text and diagrams.

5. Grips

The various types of grips, their materials, and tricks. Includes text, diagrams and videos.

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